White-glazed Pottery Pot in Shape of Leather Bag

Yangzhou Museum

Yangzhou Museum

Excavated from the Tang-dynasty soil horizon to the southeast of Wenchangge of Yangzhou city in 1991, this pot, in the shape of a leather bag that becomes larger when the position on it goes lower, should be a piece that was made by Gongxian County Kiln given its quality of pottery body and color of glaze. On the top left of the pot erects a straight tube-like spout, girdled by a raise circle at the bottom, while its top right features a curly-tail-shaped knob. Right on the top there is a loop handle, and a circular base at the bottom. Decorative appliques are applied onto two opposite sides of the pot belly, which is also adorned with simple carved curvy lines to imitate the texture of leather. Engobe was used before the white glaze was applied onto the white pottery body all over except the base. The lustrous white glaze, which shows a tinge of pale yellow, features densely-arranged natural cracks.

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  • Title: White-glazed Pottery Pot in Shape of Leather Bag
  • Provenance: Yangzhou Museum
  • Physical Size: Height: 22.6 cm, maximum belly diameter: 15.6 cm, bottom diameter:10.6 cm
  • Dynasty: Tang (618 - 907)