Wine bottle with sgraffito foliage design

Artist Unknown, KoreaKorea, Joseon period (1392-1910)

University of Michigan Museum of Art

University of Michigan Museum of Art
Ann Arbor, United States


  • Title: Wine bottle with sgraffito foliage design
  • Creator: Artist Unknown, Korea
  • Date Created: Korea, Joseon period (1392-1910)
  • Location: Korean Peninsula
  • Physical Dimensions: w16.5 x h32 x d16.5 mm (work)
  • Label Copy: Buncheong ware features the manipulation of white slip (liquid clay) on a clay body with diverse techniques such as incising, stamping, brushing, or dipping the vessel to create different effects. On this pear-shaped bottle, the decorative scheme is divided into four horizontal sections by double incised lines. The uppermost band appears only in white slip, and the lowermost band is left bare. An incised foliage design sprawls freely across the main register. Above this is a band of lotus petals rendered in sgraffito, a technique in which the surface layer of brushed slip was scraped away to create a pattern and expose a ground—in this case, the clay body—of a contrasting color. The vessel was then coated with a transparent glaze and fired.
  • Type: Ceramic
  • External Link: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/musart/x-2004-sl-1.264/GO2004.9.129.JPG?lasttype=boolean;lastview=thumbnail;resnum=1;sel9=ic_exact;size=20;sort=relevance;start=1;subview=detail;view=entry;rgn1=musart_an;select1=starts;q1=2004%2F1.264
  • Medium: Stoneware with brushed incised decoration on white slip under colorless glaze


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