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Wine pot and Chrysanthemums

Qi Baishi1932

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Qi Baishi (1864 - 1957) modeled his flower paintings primarily on Xu Wei (1521 - 1593), Zhu Da (1626 - 1705) and Li Shan (1686 - circa 1760). Having undertaken his "late-year reforms" subsequent to his meeting with Chen Shizeng (1876 - 1923) when he settled in Beijing in 1917, Qi began to paint flowers in a highly expressive style. The execution became more seasoned and the motifs, in the recurrent combination of "red flowers and ink leaves", more vibrant. The Wine Pot and Chrysanthemums is from the mature period of the artist.

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  • Title: Wine pot and Chrysanthemums
  • Date Created: 1932
  • Theme: Flower, Chrysanthemum
  • Professional Artist: Qi Baishi
  • Physical Dimensions: w32 x h105.8 cm
  • History of Donation: The Xubaizhai Gallery of Chinese Art was established in 1992, specifically for exhibiting the collection that donated to the Hong Kong Museum of Art by the famous connoisseur and collector of Chinese calligraphy and paintings, Mr Low Chuck Tiew (Liu Zuochou) in 1989.
  • Artist's Biography: Qi is one of the most renowned figures in modern Chinese painting, excelling in painting landscapes and simple subjects such as flowers, birds, insects, crabs and shrimps. So well known was his fondness for painting subjects from daily life that he was awarded the title of the "People's Artist" by the Ministry of Culture in 1953. Qi's painting style is characterized by free and powerful brushwork with strong colours and a succinct composition, all of which give his works both a fresh immediacy and liveliness. By combining a meticulous observation of nature with free impressions, he mastered the balance between likeness and unlikeness of the subjects to create a simple style in his paintings.
  • Type: Ink and colour on paper


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