Wooden Beam

Unknown701 AH

The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

Long beam, probably a lintel made of painted wood and carved with a series of large lobed and cusped arches alternating with narrow trefoil arches. This beam is supported on small diagonally striped columns, the former containing the word "happiness" (al-yumn) written, both right-way-around and mirrored, the letter "nun" prolonged into hastae and framing a scalloped shell motif. The space above, filled with fruiting vine, the smaller trefoil-arches filled with a knotted interlace below and shell motif above, the upper interstices also filled with fruiting vine, a narrow border of simple flowerheads above.

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  • Title: Wooden Beam
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 701 AH
  • Physical Dimensions: w342 x h53.3 cm
  • Decoration: Inscribed with epigraphy and vegetal arabesques.
  • Type: Carved & painted
  • Rights: al Sabah Collection
  • Medium: Wood