Yaksha General Anila

15th century

Rubin Museum of Art

Rubin Museum of Art

The painting with embroidered frame is part of a large set, which depicts the deities in the retinue of the Medicine Buddha as described in the Bhaishajyaguru Sutra. The corpulent orange figure is Anila, whose name means wind. He is one of the twelve yaksha generals and also has a protective function. He is shown holding a trident and a mongoose spewing jewels. The embroidery features Buddhism’s eight auspicious symbols in the upper register and the seven treasures of an ideal world ruler, or chakravartin, in the lower register.

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  • Title: Yaksha General Anila
  • Date Created: 15th century
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Rubin Museum of Art, C2004.4.2
  • Medium: Mineral pigments on cloth
  • Place of Creation: Tibet
  • Exhibition History: Rubin Museum of Art, "Masterworks: Jewels of the Collection" (09/14/11 - 1/9/12), Rubin Museum of Art, "What is it? Himalayan Art" (10/27/05 - 06/25/07)