Orozco represents a paradoxical figure within Muralism. While being a member of the “Big Three,” and in part responsible for the development of a national visual and cultural identity, by the 1940s the artist had become disillusioned by the realities of Mexico’s post-Revolution regimes. This sense of skepticism garnered criticism from many of his contemporaries, particularly by David Alfaro Siqueiros, who considered his commitment to the cause to be weak. However, Orozco’s dedication to depicting the struggles of the working classes never ceased and was further highlighted by his expressionistic and allegorical style. In addition, he was also a talented illustrator. Works like Zapatistas, present his interest in satirical illustration. Caricature became a medium through which the artist could further create socially conscious work that expressed the realities of past revolutionaries and the toils of the anonymous, disenfranchised worker.

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  • Title: Zapatistas
  • Creator: José Clemente Orozco
  • Date Created: 1935
  • Location: Mexico
  • Physical Dimensions: w16 x h13 in.
  • Type: print
  • Rights: All rights reserved
  • Medium: lithograph