Zoomorphic Funeral Urn

Museu Nacional

Museu Nacional

In Maracá cemeteries, in addition to the anthropomorphic urns there are also, although in smaller numbers, funerary urns in the form of quadruped animals similar to the zoomorphic benches in which the figures of the larger ballot boxes are seated. There are cemeteries unique to zoomorphic urns, and also mixed cemeteries with the two types of urns, suggesting that they may have been intended for special individuals in Maracá society.

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  • Title: Zoomorphic Funeral Urn
  • Physical Dimensions: w24,5 cm
  • Rights: Copyright © 2017 Museu Nacional/UFRJ
  • Setor: Arqueologia Brasileira
  • Sala de Exposição: Horticultores Ceramistas
  • Povo/Cultura: Maracá
  • Local de Coleta/Origem: Sul do Amapá
  • Data de Origem/Produção: Cerca de 1.000 A.D.até o contato com os colonizadores europeus
  • Area de Conhecimento: Arqueologia