Antwerp school

1500 - 1700

Modern name for a group of unidentified workshops that produced embossed parade armours and shields for the court of Henry II in the third quarter of the 16th century. Some of these armours were produced by Etienne Delaune in a hypothetical French royal workshop assumed to be in Paris and long known as the Louvre School of Armourers. It was discovered that some of these armours had been decorated in the early 1560s in Antwerp by a goldsmith called Elisius Libaerts (fl 1557–64), who made armours for the court of Eric XIV of Sweden. It is possible that Elisius Libaerts worked for a time in Paris and that some of his armours were designed for the French court. The uncertainties about provenance have led to the designation ‘Antwerp–Louvre school’.
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