Bahram V

406 AD - 438 AD

Bahram V, also known as Bahram Gor was the Sasanian King of Kings from 420 to 438.
The son of the incumbent Sasanian shah Yazdegerd I, Bahram was at an early age sent to the Lahkmid court in al-Hira, where he was raised under the tutelage of the Lakhmid kings. After the assassination of his father, Bahram hurried to the Sasanian capital of Ctesiphon with a Lakhmid army, and won the favour of the nobles and priests, according to a long-existing popular legend, after withstanding a trial against two lions.
Bahram V's reign was generally peaceful, with two brief wars—first against his western neighbours, the Eastern Roman Empire, and then against his eastern neighbours, the Kidarites, who were disturbing the Sasanian eastern provinces. It was also during his reign that the Arsacid line of Armenia was replaced by a marzban, which marked the start of a new era in Armenia, known in Armenian historiography as the "Marzpanate period".
Bahram V is a central figure in several of the most famous works in Persian literature. He is mentioned in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh written between 977 and 1010, and he is the protagonist of Nizami Ganjavi's romantic epic Haft Peykar, written in 1197.
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