Deng Shiru

1743 - 1805

Deng Shirú; c. 1739/1743–1805 was a Chinese calligrapher during the Qing Dynasty.
Deng was born in Huaining 懷寧 in the Anhui 安徽 province. His style name was 'Wanbo' 顽伯 and his sobriquets were 'Wanbai shanren 皖白山人, Wan bai 完白, Guhuan, Gu wanzi 故浣子, Youji daoren 游笈道人, Fengshui yuzhang 鳳水漁長, and Longshan qiaozhang 龍山樵長'. Deng studied at the Shen Chun Academy. He later learned the art of Seal cutting.
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