Domenico di Bartolo

Born 1447

Domenico di Bartolo, born in Asciano, Siena, was a Sienese painter who became active during the early Renaissance period. As documented on text by famous painter, writer and historian Giorgio Vasari, Domenico di Bartolo was the nephew of well reputed Italian artist Taddeo di Bartolo, who is featured in Vasari's Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. By the early 1400, Domenico di Bartolo was one of the most influenced Sienese artist by the new Florentine style of painting. During the time that he was active and working, Domenico was the only Sienese painter to have received commissions by clients in Florence. Domenico was also employed by Lorenzo Vecchietta, otherwise referred to as Lorenzo di Pietro, to work alongside him for the fresco The Care of the Sick, which is today considered a masterpiece of the Pilgrim's Hall in the hospital Santa Maria della Scala.
Domenico first surfaced into the world of early Renaissance art in 1420. He, along with several other unknown Sienese artists, was documented to be part of a restoration project to paint the Siena Cathedral. He is first recorded as a master in 1428, in a list of the painters' guild.
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