Domenico Puligo

1492 - Sep 27, 1527

Domenico Puligo was an Italian painter of the Renaissance, active in Florence. His real name was Domenico di Bartolomeo Ubaldini.
He trained under Ridolfo Ghirlandaio and acted as an assistant to Andrea del Sarto, whom he also became close friends with. Both Ghirlandaio and Sarto exerted heavy influences over Puligo that are evident in his works and style of painting. Puglio was also influenced by Jacopo Pontormo and Il Rosso. He rose to success as a portrait artist and was in high demand in Florence. His most renowned piece is possibly the large scale Vision of Saint Bernard altarpiece, now located in the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore. Some of his early works include the Virgin and Child with St. John as well as the Holy Family. About a dozen drawings are also attributed to Puligo but none relate to his surviving works or bear resemblance to the styles of his paintings. He is featured in Giorgio Vasari's Vite or Lives of the Artists. According to Vasari, Puligo was a particularly idle artist, which may explain the paucity of his productions. His brother, Jacone Puligo, was also a Renaissance painter.
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