Eduard von Gebhardt

Jun 13, 1838 - Feb 3, 1925

Franz Karl Eduard von Gebhardt was a Baltic German historical painter. He was born in Järva-Jaani, Estonia, the son of a Protestant clergyman, and studied first at the Academy of St. Petersburg. In 1860 he became the pupil of Wilhelm Sohn at Düsseldorf, where he permanently settled, and became professor at the academy in 1873. One of his students was the German-Brazilian painter Wilhelm Techmeier.
There is a religious tone defining many of his most highly regarded paintings. Their chief characteristic is their deep and powerful yet varied expression of religious feeling. The more important among the many biblical scenes he painted are:
"Christ on the Cross"
"The Last Supper"
"Ascension of Christ"
"Taking Care of Christ's Body"
"Jacob and the Angel"
"Christ and the Rich Youth"
"Sermon on the Mount"
"Healing of the Palsied"
"Christ upon the Waters"
Of episodes from the Reformation one is "The Reformer at Work". In the former Cistercian monastery at Lokkum may be seen six mural paintings: "Scenes from the Life of Christ". Mural paintings of similar subjects may be found at the Friedenskirche, Düsseldorf.
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