Enrico Prampolini

Apr 20, 1894 - Jun 17, 1956

Enrico Prampolini was an Italian Futurist painter, sculptor and scenographer. He assisted in the design of the Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution and was active in Aeropainting.
He pursued a programme of abstract and quasi-abstract painting, combined with a career in stage design. His Spatial-Landscape Construction is quasi-abstract with large flat areas in bold colours, predominantly red, orange, blue and dark green. His Simultaneous Landscape is totally abstract, with flat colours and no attempt to create perspective. In his Umbrian Landscape, produced in the year of the Aeropainting Manifesto, Prampolini returns to figuration, representing the hills of Umbria. But by 1931 he had adopted "cosmic idealism", a biomorphic abstractionism quite different from the works of the previous decade, for example in Pilot of the Infinite and Biological Apparition.
Prampolini was an influence on Tullio Crali.
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