Friedrich Gauermann

Sep 20, 1807 - Jul 7, 1862

Friedrich Gauermann was an Austrian painter. The son of the landscape painter Jacob Gauermann, he was born at Miesenbach near Gutenstein in Lower Austria. He was an early representative of the Veristic style devoted to nature in all its diversity.
It was the intention of his father that Gauermann should devote himself to agriculture, but the example of an elder brother, who, however, died early, fostered his inclination towards art. Under his father's direction he began studies in landscape, and he also diligently copied the works of the chief masters in animal painting which were contained in the academy and court library of Vienna. In the summer he made art tours in the districts of Styria, Tirol, and Salzburg.
Two animal pieces which he exhibited at the Vienna Exhibition of 1824 were regarded as remarkable productions for his years, and led to his receiving commissions in 1825 and 1826 from Prince Metternich and Caraman, the French ambassador. His reputation was greatly increased by his picture The Storm, exhibited in 1829, and from that time his works were much sought after and obtained correspondingly high prices.
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