Fujimori Shizuo

Aug 1, 1891 - May 28, 1943

Fujimori Shizuo was a Japanese woodblock artist associated with the sōsaku-hanga movement. His style was strongly influenced by Expressionism.
Fujimori was born in 1891 in Kurume, Fukuoka prefecture. He studied Western-style art with the Hakuba-kai in 1910, and the next year enrolled in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts from where he graduated in 1916. At the school he met Onchi Kōshirō with whom he collaborated on Tsukuhae, a print and poetry magazine, producing 37 prints.
In 1919 he contributed to the first exhibition of the Japan Creative Print Association. After a period teaching in Fukoka and Taiwan, in 1922 he moved to Tokyo to pursue a career as a professional artist in the fields of painting, printmaking and illustration. He worked as editor of Shi to hanga, was a contributor to many other publications, and was a founding member of the Nihon Hanga Kyōkai in 1931.
He provided thirteen prints for the seminal sōsaku hanga series One Hundred Views of New Tokyo of 1929–32, and produced his own series, Twelve Views of Great Tokyo, in 1933–34.
His bold and simple expressionistic carving style may have derived from the loss of his right thumb in an accident in his youth.
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