Angelo Toselli

Born 1765

Angelo Toselli, Italian artist, architect, scenographer, and vedutista.
In 1816 presumably in Rome he was teaching the art of perspective to Orest Kiprensky who just arrived into Italy at the time. Kiprensky in his letters to Russia asked to take care of his mentor as he is a good human being.
While in Rome Toselli created a stage designs for The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini premiered under the title Almaviva, o sia L'inutile precauzione at the Teatro Argentina 20 February 1816.
In 1816 was invited by the administration of the Imperial Theatres to come to Saint Petersburg. He arrived to Russian capital in 1816 or 1817. Worked mostly at the Bolshoi Theatre creating decorations for the ballet productions by Charles Didelot, including A Hunting Adventure, Laura and Henry or The Troubadour, Ken-si and Tao or Beauty and the Beast.
In 1817-1820 he created his most famous work, Panorama of Saint Petersburg as seen from Kunstkamera tower. Intended to be shown as a single unit, later it was cut into 6 separate sheets. In 1991 Khudozhnik RSFSR published an album with reproductions of this work.
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