Gerrit Lamberts

Oct 19, 1776 - Apr 16, 1850

Gerrit Lamberts was a Dutch painter and curator of the Rijksmuseum when it was located in the Trippenhuis.
Lamberts was born in Amsterdam and became a watercolorist, draughtsman and engraver. He is known for landscapes, architectural views, and his watercolors of art galleries. He was also a bookseller and became curator of the museum in Amsterdam in 1825. He was a member of the Amsterdam academy, which was housed in the same building.
Two of the main display rooms of the Trippenhuis-Museum
Two views of the print room of the Trippenhuis-Museum
His views of the print room include a self-portrait, and the paintings hanging on the walls were modern works that later were moved to the Paviljoen Welgelegen in Haarlem, which became the national museum of "living masters", or modern art. He wrote a catalog of the book collection of Jacobus Koning in 1833. Lamberts died in Amsterdam.
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