Gasparo Molo

1571 - Jan 26, 1640

Gasparo Molo was an Italian goldsmith and planisher, chiefly known as a medalist, whose biography is very obscure.
Born in Breglia near Como or in Lugano, his date of death is unknown. He was first active in Milan, then in Mantua, from 1608 in Florence, from which latter period we possess his first signed medal. Here he was maestro delle stampe della monete. In 1609 he became well known by his medals commemorating the marriage and the accession of Cosimo II. In 1609 and 1610 he cut the dies for the thalers and the "medals of merit" conferred by the grand duke. According to Kenner, it is not necessary to suppose that he gave up his connexion with the Florentine court at this time, because, in the following years, he struck medals for the court in Mantua, as well as coins for Guastalla and Castiglione, especially as he was again working in Florence in 1614. The medals, which he made after 1620 for Prince Vincenzo II of Mantua, may very well also have been struck at Florence.
His further sojourn in Tuscany seems to have been rendered distasteful to him by intrigues. About 1623 he moved to Rome, where he became die-cutter at the Papal mint in place of J. A. Moro, who died in 1625.
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