Gazbia Sirry

Born Oct 11, 1925

Gazbia Sirry is an Egyptian painter.
Born in Cairo, Gazbia Sirry studied fine arts and became a professor in the painting department of the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University. She was also a professor at the American University in Cairo. She has had more than 50 personal exhibitions, official purchases by international museums, international prizes, scholarships and university chairs.
Her dissertation traces Egypt's politic history. The paintings of Sirry capture the relationship between feminist consciousness and advocacy of women, history, fascism, and Islamic futurism. Because of their eclecticism and heterogeneity of modern Egypt, Sirry's paintings were known. Her work is dominated by women in unmistakable pose of power stemming from female unity, performing roles in the public and private spheres. Her earlier work deals with polygamy and strengthening the fertility and reproductive power of women. In the late 1950s, Sirry made stylistic and thematic changes to reflect the grim mood created by discontent with the crackdown on dissent and curtailment of political freedom across the country.
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