Giovanni Battista Natali

1698 - 1768

Giovanni Battista Natali was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, active in his natal city of Piacenza, but also Savona, Lucca, and Naples, and finally Genoa in 1736.
Filippo de'Boni lists four artists with this same name, who are perhaps different from the above.
GB Natali, son of Carlo Natali, and pupil of Pietro da Cortona in Rome, returned to work in Cremona. Giovanni Battista was father of Giuseppe Natali.
GB Natali, son of Francesco Natali of Casalmaggiore was a painter for King Charles of Sicily and his successor.
GB Natali was an engraver in woodcuts, disciple of Ludovico Carracci.
GB Natali, son of Giuseppe Natali, the brother of Francesco and cousin of GB above, painted for the court of Saxony.
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