Hanns Lautensack

Born 1524

Hanns Lautensack was a German etcher and draughtsman.
He was one of two sons of Paul Lautensack, a painter of Bamberg, where he was born in 1524. When still a child his parents settled in Nuremberg, and there he lived during the greater portion of his life. In 1556 he was working in Vienna. He may have been summoned to Vienna by the Emperor, Ferdinand I, to make pictures of his collection of coins from antiquity. He died in Vienna sometime between 1564 and 1566. His etchings are generally marked with a monogram composed of the letters H. S. L. His brother Heinrich was a goldsmith.
Lautensack is known primarily for his etchings. Stylistically, these can be divided into two periods, one from the time when he was working in Nuremberg and the other comprising his Vienna years.
The Nuremberg etchings include several portraits of burghers of the city portrayed by a window opening on to a distant landscape. In his treatment of the subject matter, Lautensack here displays influences from the Little Masters and the Danube school; as for individual artistic links, Barthel Beham, Sebald Beham, Georg Pencz, Albrecht Altdorfer and Wolfgang Huber can be mentioned.
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ArtistsHanns Lautensack
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