Jacob Franquart

1582 - Jan 6, 1651

Jacob Franquart was a Flemish painter, court architect, and an outstanding copper plate engraver. His name has also been spelled Francquart, Franckaert, Francquaert, Jacques Franquart, Francuart.
Franquart was born in Antwerp or Brussels. In 1620, he designed the Temple of the Augustinians, which stood on the present-day Place de Brouckère/De Brouckèreplein in central Brussels, from its completion in 1642 until its demolition in 1893–94. The reconstructed facade of the building now forms part of the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Brussels municipality of Ixelles.
Franquart was also famous for his outstanding illustrations that show the 1621 funeral procession of Albrecht Habsburg. The work was published in Brussels but being seen more as one of the eminent works of the golden age of the Antwerp copperplate engraving. The majority of the text was written by the Belgian writer and historian Erycius Puteanus, published earlier in a book titled Phoenix Principum.... The engraving contains a hatching table of heraldic tinctures which is the earliest hatching system in heraldry after Zangrius.
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