Jacopo da Empoli

Apr 30, 1551 - Sep 30, 1640

Jacopo da Empoli was an Italian Florentine Reformist painter.
Born in Florence as Jacopo Chimenti, he worked mostly in his native city. He apprenticed under Maso da San Friano. Like his contemporary in Counter-Maniera, Santi di Tito, he moved into a style often more crisp, less contorted, and less crowded than mannerist predecessors like Vasari. He collaborated with Alessandro Tiarini in some projects. His younger brother, Domenico Chimenti, born in Empoli, was also a painter. Among his pupils were Felice Ficherelli, Giovanni Battista Brazzè, Giovanni Battista Vanni, and Virgilio Zaballi.
Finally, working in a thematic often shunned by Florentine painters, after the 1620s he completed a series of exceptional still-life paintings.
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