Jacopo da Sellaio

1441 - Nov 21, 1493

Jacopo del Sellaio, was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance, active in his native Florence. His real name was Jacopo di Arcangelo. He worked in an eclectic style based on those of Botticelli, Filippino Lippi, and Domenico Ghirlandaio. The nickname Sellaio derives from the profession of his father, a saddle maker.
According to Vasari, Sellaio was a pupil of Fra Filippo Lippi. In Lippi's workshop he would have met Sandro Botticelli, who had a lasting influence on Sellaio's work. Sellaio joined the Florentine painters' confraternity the Compagnia di San Luca in 1460. In 1472 he was sharing a workshop with Biagio d'Antonio, and in 1473 he formed a partnership with Filippo di Giuliano that he maintained until his death in 1493. A painter named Zanobi di Giovanni is documented in the workshop in 1490. Neither Filippo nor Zanobi's extant works have been identified, but the former is sometimes identified with the anonymous painter known as the Master of the Fiesole Epiphany.
Today Sellaio is best known for paintings from the fronts of cassoni, or wedding chests. These often depict stories from ancient mythology, Roman history, or the Bible.
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