was the commander-in-chief of Matsya, the country ruled by King Virata. Kichaka was a very powerful man and had immense strength. He saved Virata's kingdom many times from foes. He was killed by Bhima because he was harassing Draupadi. Kichaka's sister, Sudeshna, had a beautiful daughter, Uttara. Uttara later married Arjuna's son Abhimanyu, and Sudeshna also had a son Uttar Kumara.
He was the younger brother of Sudeshna, the queen.
Viratagar, the kingdom of king Virat is now in the Morang district of eastern Nepal. The place where Kichaka was killed is called Kichak-vadh is in the Jhapa district, few kilometres east of Viratnagar.
There is also a place called Arjundhara, in Jhapa. It is believed that the Pandavas saved the looted cattle of king Virat and when they were returning the cattle became thirsty. Arjun then made a pond using his Gandiva to quench their thirst.
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