Lady Pink

Born 1964

Lady Pink, born Sandra Fabara, is an Ecuadorian-American graffiti and mural artist. She has focused her career on using graffiti and murals as acts of rebellion and self-expression, and empowering women. As Lady Pink says, "It's not just a boys club. We have a sisterhood thing going." She was nicknamed the "first lady of graffiti," because she was one of the first women active in the early 1980s New York City subway graffiti subculture.
In 1980, she created the all-female graffiti crew Ladies of the Arts. Within a few years, Lady Pink began running with the graffiti crews TC5 and TPA. From 1979 to 1985, Lady Pink painted New York City Subway trains. She took a short hiatus in 1987 from painting outdoors. Then from 1993 to 1997 she worked on freight trains with her husband, SMITH.
In 1980, she was included in the landmark New York show "GAS: Graffiti Art Success" at Fashion Moda, which traveled in a modified form downtown to The New Museum of Contemporary Art.
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