Lee Bul

Born Jan 25, 1964

Lee Bul is a contemporary sculpture and installation artist who appeared on the art scene in the late 1980s. Her work questions patriarchal authority and the marginalization of women by revealing ideologies that permeate our cultural and political spheres.
These themes take form in cold, mechanical sculptures and installations that reflect the ideals of a futuristic society. She has focused on shaping oppression of women, commercialization of sex, etc. that are intensified in a male-dominated society through various performances and objects. Since her introduction to the world of art, she has caught the eyes of the world of art all around the world with various ambitious artworks. She has been described as the most famous artist in South Korea.
Lee Bul presented an innovative performance using her own body and a three-dimensional textile artwork. Also, in an invitational exhibition of MoMA in the United States, she brought even the sense of rotten smell in process of time to the exhibition by using raw fish.
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