Livio Abramo

Jun 23, 1903 - Apr 26, 1993

Livio Abramo was a Brazilian-born Paraguayan sketcher, engraver, and aquarellist.
Abramo was born on June 23, 1903, in Araraquara, Brazil to Italian-Jewish parents of Sephardic background. He described his father as a liberal and his paternal grandfather as an anarchist. Although born in Brazil, he adopted Paraguay as his nation and it was in this country that he produced much of his work. He is considered to be "a key player in this development of Paraguayan modern art."
In his book Etapas de un itinerario: grabados, dibujos, acuarelas de Livio Abramo Abramo claimed that his artistic skills were entirely autodidactic, and that many of his creations were inspired by his political views. Scholars consider him to be influenced by Oswaldo Goeldi and by German expressionists such as Käthe Kollwitz.
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