Lorenzo Fonda

Born Nov 28, 1979

Lorenzo Fonda is an Italian film director and artist based in New York City. He is recognized for his eclectic use of multi-media techniques and often surreal storytelling.
His works include feature films, commercials, music video, short films, interactive installations, illustrations and murals. He is best known for his collaboration with mural artist and animator Blu, which resulted in the feature-length documentary Megunica, shot in 2006 across Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Argentina. During the production of the film Fonda encouraged Blu to experiment mixing the stop-motion technique and painting, and the first test they created ended up being included in the film. Subsequently Blu further explored the technique which led to the creation of the groundbreaking film Muto.
Fonda collaborated with Rodney Ascher on his latest documentary, A Glitch in the Matrix, for which he acted as director of animation. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2021 and was acquired by Magnolia Pictures.
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