Heather Firbank

Aug 27, 1888 - Apr 13, 1954

Heather Firbank was an English socialite, now known for her fine collection of clothes kept at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Her father Sir Joseph Thomas Firbank was a British Conservative politician, while her grandfather Joseph Firbank built the family fortune as a railway contractor. Her older brother Ronald Firbank became famous after his death for his innovative novels.
Heather Firbank was born in England on 27 August 1888, at The Coopers, Chislehurst, Kent, the youngest of the four children of Sir Thomas and Lady Firbank, who was formerly Harriet Jane Garrett. She had three elder brothers, Joseph Sydney, Arthur Annesley Ronald, the novelist, and Hubert Somerset. She was educated at home by a governess and was presented at Court on 15 May 1908.
Heather Firbank bought her clothes from highly regarded dressmakers and tailors in London, including Lucile, Mascotte, Redfern, Frederick Bosworth, Russell & Allen, Kate Reily, and the department store Woolland Brothers in Knightsbridge. The evening gown illustrated at right was designed by Lucile, one of the leading couturiers from the late 1890s to the early 1920s.
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