Getúlio Vargas

Apr 19, 1882 - Aug 24, 1954

Getúlio Dornelles "Gegè" Vargas, also known by his initials GV and nicknamed "the Father of the Poor", was a Brazilian lawyer, politician, and dictator who served as the 14th and 17th president of Brazil. He was born in São Borja, Rio Grande do Sul to a powerful family, embarking on a quick military career before graduating from law school. His political career began with district attorney, soon becoming a state deputy prior to a short interim period. His return as a state legislator ended when he entered national politics, serving as a national lawmaker and presidential cabinet member before departing to head Rio Grande do Sul as state president.
Though Vargas lost the 1930 Brazilian general election for the presidency, he rose to power in 1930 under a provisional presidency following an armed revolution, remaining until 1934 where he was elected president under a 1934 constitution. Three years later, Vargas would seize powers under the pretext of a potential communist revolution, beginning an eight-year long dictatorship with Vargas at its center. In 1942, he led Brazil into World War II on the side of the Allies after being sandwiched between Nazi Germany and the United States.
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