Yuzhou, Henan

Yuzhou is a county-level city in Xuchang, central Henan province in the People's Republic of China.
The Xia Dynasty established the capital in Yuzhou, and Yuzhou was named for "DaYu".There is a statue named "DaYu Statue" in Yuzhou, and it is the symbol of the city.
The most famous specialty of Yuzhou is the "Jun-porcelain" in ShenHou Town, together with the "Ru"、"Guan"、"Ge"、"Ding" porcelain, they were called five famous porcelain in the Northern Song Dynasty.
Also, Yuzhou is the main distribution center of Chinese herbal medicine in history.The Medicine King "Sun Simiao", who has been a doctor here for a long time in Tang Dynasty.
For now, it was named the first historical and cultural city in Henan Province in 1989.In 2011, it was named "China Ceramics Historical and Cultural City", and in 2018, it was named "National Health City" by the National Aiwei Office.
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