Priya Ramrakha

Jan 31, 1935 - Oct 2, 1968

Priya Ramrakha was an Indo-Kenyan photojournalist.
Ramrakha was one of the first Africans to have been given a contract by Life and Time magazines. After his education at the Art Center College of Los Angeles, Ramrakha began work at Life. In 1963, Ramrakha returned to Africa to cover the independence movement in his native Kenya, as one of East Africa's first Indigenous photojournalists. Ramrakha then went on to cover political and military movements across Africa.
In 1968, while covering the Nigerian Civil War with CBS correspondent Morley Safer, Ramrakha was fatally wounded in an ambush near Owerri in Imo state by Biafran soldiers. A week later, Life magazine dedicated an article to Ramrakha.
The documentary film African Lens: The Story of Priya Ramrakha was released in 2007.
In 2019, a Kickstarter project funded the production and printing of a photobook dedicated to Ramrakha's life and work.
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