Hans Collaert

1545 - 1628

Hans Collaert or Jan Collaert I or Johannes Collaert was an early Flemish engraver, father of the engravers Jan Collaert II and Adrian Collaert. The sons would later work in the workshop of Philip Galle and marry Galle's daughters. The workshops of the Collaert and Galle families were close together and their works are hard to distinguish.
Hans Collaert was born in Brussels. After working some years in his father's studio, he went to Rome to perfect himself in his art. His engravings after Rubens are very highly esteemed. After 1560 he was active in Antwerp.
He left many works including:
Life of Saint Francis, 16 prints
Last Judgment, folio
Monilium, Bullarum, Inauriumque Artificiosissimae Icones, 10 prints, 1581
The Dead Christ in his Mother's Lap
Marcus Curtius
Moses Striking the Rock, and The Resurrection of Lazarus, after Lambert Lombard
The Fathers of the Desert
Biblia Sacra and the History of the Church, after Rubens.
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