Siege of Groenlo

Jul 20, 1627 - Aug 19, 1627

The siege of Grol in 1627 was a battle between the Army of the Dutch Republic, commanded by Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, and the Spanish-controlled fortified city of Grol, during the Eighty Years War and the Anglo–Spanish War in 1627. The Spanish Army, led by Hendrik van den Bergh, came to relieve Grol but too late. The siege lasted from 20 July until 19 August 1627, resulting in the surrender of the city to the Dutch army.
During the siege, a 16 km circumvallation line was made around Grol to prevent the enemy from leaving and to prevent the liberation of the city from outside. Ambrosio Spinola had used a similar technique during the Siege of Breda, and after the successful siege of Grol Frederic-Henry would later use it in other sieges in the Netherlands, such as at the Siege of 's-Hertogenbosch. The success at Grol provided the first serious victory on land for the Republic after the Twelve Years' Truce.
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