Miryang, formerly also spelled as 推火郡, Milbeol and Milseong, is a city in Gyeongsangnam-do Province, South Korea. Its name is originated from the tribal country named Miri midong guk. There are various hypotheses as to the meaning of Miryang, such as Milky Way, Galaxy, dragon's field, The Wheat Field and the watery field. Neighboring cities include Changnyeong to the west, Cheongdo to the north, Ulsan to the east, and Yangsan, Gimhae, and Changwon to the south. The city bird is the Korean magpie, the city tree is the pine, and the city flower is the royal azalea.
The recorded history of Miryang begins in the Samhan period, when it was known as Mirimidongguk. Due to its strategic location near the Nakdong River, Miryang played an important role from the Silla period forward. It served as an important station on the Great Yeongnam Road during the later Joseon Dynasty, and in the 20th century it became a station on the Gyeongbu Line railroad that connects Busan to Seoul. Miryang remains a key stop along that line, and is now the only city between Busan and Daegu served by KTX express trains.
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