Arkalyk is a city in Kostanay Region, northern Kazakhstan. Earlier, it was the centre of Torgay Region, which was abolished in 1997. Today, it is the administrative centre of Torgay District, Kostanay Region.
Established in 1956, it acquired the status of the city in 1965. The distance from the town of Arkalyk to Kostanay is 480 km, to Nur-Sultan is 670 km. Population: 28,169;45,736.
The Arkalyk Business Centre describes today's Arkalyk as "a city of miners, of regional administrators, and people excited to live in a regional center". Historically Arkalyk was a centre for the Soviet space programme. Cosmonauts would land on the huge central Kazakh steppe and come back to Arkalyk before heading to the Baikonur, the Soviet Union's premier "space city". Arkalyk is served by Arkalyk Airport.
The city is linked by rail communication with the regional center. Roads Kostanay - Arkalyk tarmac, but is severely broken in the state. Roads Zhezkazgan - Arkalyk ground, in the wet weather becomes difficult even for freight transport because of mud. There is an airport, capable of class aircraft Tu-154, Tu-134, etc.
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