Veturia was a Roman matron, the mother of the possibly legendary Roman general Gaius Marcius Coriolanus. According to Plutarch her name was Volumnia.
Veturia came from a patrician family and encouraged her son's involvement in Roman politics. According to Roman historians, Coriolanus was expelled from Rome in the early fifth century BC because he demanded the abolition of the office of Tribune of the Plebs in return for distributing state grain to the starving plebeians. He settled with the Volscians, a people hostile to Rome, while formulating his revenge.
Coriolanus and the Volscians marched upon Rome and laid siege to the city. The Romans sent envoys to Coriolanus, but to no avail. Then Veturia, together with Coriolanus' wife Volumnia, plus other family members and matrons of Rome, successfully entreated Coriolanus to break off his siege.
The precise versions of the entreaties differ.
According to Plutarch, when Veturia came to her son's camp, Coriolanus embraced her and begged her to ally herself with his cause.
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