Romeyn de Hooghe

Sep 10, 1645 - Jul 15, 1708

Romeyn de Hooghe was an important and prolific late Dutch Baroque, painter, sculptor, engraver and caricaturist. He was born in Amsterdam, and was a skilled etcher, draughtsman, painter, sculptor and medalist. He is best known for political caricatures of Louis XIV and propagandistic prints supporting William of Orange. He was also active as an erotic artist and some of his political propaganda prints can be considered early, prototypical comic strips.
During his career, de Hooghe produced over 3500 prints. He also illustrated books, and his illustrations can be found in some of the most important texts of his period. The Hieroglyphica of Merkbeelden der oude volkeren was a well known emblem book and sourcebook for classical mythology and its iconography.
According to Houbraken he was particularly good at inventive arrangements of subjects in engravings. He was also a gifted painter and painted large panels for the rooms of the mayor's office in Enkhuizen and a room in the estate of Mattthijs van den Broeck in Dubbeldam.
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