Giovanni Maria Benzoni

Aug 28, 1809 - Apr 28, 1873

Giovanni Maria Benzoni was an Italian neoclassical sculptor. He was trained in Rome, where he later set up his own workshop.
Benzoni designed some of his sculptures with a production line in mind using other sculptors to produce the works in order to satisfy a growing demand for people on The Grand Tour who wanted cultural mementos to take back home. Benzoni produced sculpture for the funeral monument to Angelo Mai.
Sculptures by Benzoni of the Veiled Rebecca can be found in the Salar Jung Museum, High Museum of Art and the Berkshire Museum. Examples of his Flight from Pompeii can be found in Todmorden Town Hall, Yorkshire and the statuary pavilion at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Victoria Australia. Examples of his Young Dionysus With a Nymph can be found at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston Texas.
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