Dudweiler is a borough of Saarbrücken, on the Sulzbach creek. In 977, Dudweiler was first mentioned in official documents of German Emperor Otto II as the location of a chapel.
Dudweiler received town privileges on 12 September 1962. In 1974 it was incorporated into the city of Saarbrücken.
Since then, Dudweiler has also been the name of one of the four city districts of Saarbrücken. The district of Dudweiler comprises four city boroughs: Dudweiler, Herrensohr, Jägersfreude, and Scheidt.
The coal mining industry played an important role for the growth of Dudweiler until 1968 when the last mine was closed. Today Dudweiler is characterised by its proximity to the Saarland University campus.
Population: 19,662, 29,094, 16,320, about 150.
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