Yeongdeungpo District is an administrative district in southwest Seoul, South Korea. Although the origin of the name is uncertain, the first two syllables are thought to be from "yeongdeung" or "divine ascent", a shamanic rite. The third syllable is "po", representing the bank of a river, referring to the district's position on the Han River. The 2006 population was 408,819. The current magistrate is Kim Hyung-Su.
There are 22 administrative "dong" and 34 legal "dong". Yeouido-dong is the largest in area and takes up about 34% of the land. The total area is 24.56 km², making up 4% of Seoul's land. The annual budget is approximately 2 billion won.
Yeongdeungpo District has been heavily developed as an office, commercial, and residential district. Yeouido Dong is home to DLI 63 Building, the highest office building in South Korea and currently the 3rd tallest building in the country. The National Assembly Building is located in Yeouido-dong. Other organisations, such as the Financial Union of Korea are also based in Yeongdeungpo.
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