Maria Luisa of Parma

Dec 9, 1751 - Jan 2, 1819

Maria Luisa of Parma was Queen consort of Spain from 1788 to 1808 leading up to the Peninsular War. She was the youngest daughter of Philip, Duke of Parma, the fourth son of Philip V of Spain and Louise Élisabeth of France, the eldest daughter of King Louis XV. In 1765 she married Charles, Prince of Asturias, becoming queen when he ascended the throne in 1788.
Her relationship with Manuel Godoy and influence over the King made her unpopular among the people and aristocrats. In total, Maria Luisa had twenty-four pregnancies of which fourteen children were born and ten miscarried. She was rivals with the Duchess of Alba and the Duchess of Osuna attracting popular attention. The death of her daughter-in-law Princess Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily, whom she disliked, was said to be the poisoning by the queen. Charles IV abdicated in 1808 and was accompanied by Maria Luisa when Napoleon held them captive in France. She died in Rome in 1819, eighteen days before the former king.
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