Richard Corbould

Apr 18, 1757 - Jul 26, 1831

Richard Corbould was an English artist, sometimes misspelt "Corbold".
He was a painter, in oil and watercolour, of portraits, landscape, and occasionally history; of porcelain, and miniatures on ivory, and enamels; and was furthermore an important illustrator of books renowned for his Napoleonic sketches of Ships, and a follower of the old masters. From 1777 to 1811 he was a constant contributor to the Royal Academy. He died at Highgate, north London, in 1831. Of his works exhibited at the Royal Academy may be noticed:
1793. Cottagers gathering Sticks.
1802. Eve caressing Adam's Flock and The Archangel Michael.
1806. Ulysses's Descent into Hades.
1806. View at Hampstead.
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ArtistsRichard Corbould
ArtistsRichard Corbould
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