Han Bok-ryeo

Born May 13, 1947

Han Bok-ryeo is a researcher of Korean royal court cuisine.
She was born in 1947, and she is the oldest daughter of Hwang Hye-seong, who is also a researcher of Korean royal court cuisine. She studied for her master's of Horticulture at The University of Seoul and Food Engineering at Korea University, and she got her doctorate in Food and Nutrition at Myongji University. She follows after her mother who made an effort to systematize Korean royal court cuisine, so she contributes to its reproduction and modernization. For her success in these efforts, she won the official commendation of the Minister of Culture. She was engaged in developing menus and providing support at the Inter-Korean summit in 2000; she also was the consultant for the dishes served in Korean soap opera Dae Jang Geum.
She is now the director of the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine and is running two Korean restaurants named 'Jihwaja', and 'Gungyeon'. She was registered as "important cultural property No.38: Korean royal court cuisine artisan."
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