Enschede is a municipality and city in the eastern Netherlands in the province of Overijssel and in the Twente region. The eastern parts of the urban area reaches the border off the German city Gronau. The municipality of Enschede consisted of the city of Enschede until 1935, when the rural municipality of Lonneker, which surrounded the city, was annexed after the rapid industrial expansion of Enschede which began in the 1860s and involved the building of railways and the digging of the Twentekanaal. The proposal for consolidation began in 1872, per the Tubantia newspaper article on 22 Jun 1872 that referenced a committee of 5 to oversee a study. They were: J. Mosman, H. Fikkert, H. G. Blijdenstein J. Bz., C. C. Schleucker, and G. J. van Heek.
In sports and culture, Enschede is perhaps best known for being home to football club FC Twente, one-time Dutch champions and University of Twente.
The municipality of Enschede works together in the Twente Region and has been a participant from the very beginning in the EUREGIO, the first regional cross-border partnership in Europe.
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