Mackle Brothers

The Mackle brothers - Elliott, Robert and Frank Jr. - were the developers of the land at Marco Island, Florida. In 1962 they purchased most of the site from the heirs of Barron Gift Collier for US$7M and through their development company, The Deltona Corporation, began to transform it into a resort community. It was planned to be a range of luxury accommodation and living in a beach-side resort setting.
Prior to creating Marco Island the brothers had founded the General Development Corporation a business that ran a "buy Florida" campaign offering "The Florida Dream" for a $10 down payment followed by $10/month.
The Mackle brothers organized a worldwide advertising campaign for the Island's launch in 1965, which attracted 25,000 people. Brochures listed the waterfront homes priced from $19,800 and inland homes from $14,900; plots for self-development varied from $2,550 for inland and from $5,495 for waterfront sites.
Marco Island is now an upscale community consisting of luxury hotels, such as those operated by Marriott and Hilton, and a range of beachfront, waterfront and inland homes.
Mackle Corporation has since been founded by James Mackle, grandson of Robert F.
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