Nitta Yoshisada

1301 - Aug 17, 1338

Nitta Yoshisada was the head of the Nitta clan in the early fourteenth century, and supported the Southern Court of Emperor Go-Daigo in the Nanboku-chō period. He famously marched on Kamakura, besieging and capturing it from the Hōjō clan in 1333.
Later he fought the Takauji brothers on the Emperor's behalf in a see-saw campaign which saw the capital change hands several times. After a peaceful compromise was agreed, Yoshisada was entrusted with two royal princes. At the siege of Kanegasaki, both princes were killed, along with Yoshisada's son, although Yoshisada was able to escape.
He committed seppuku when his horse was killed at the siege of Kuromaru.
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