Operation Tempest

Jan 4, 1944 - 1945

Operation Tempest was a series of uprisings conducted during World War II against occupying German forces by the Polish Home Army, the dominant force in the Polish resistance.
Operation Tempest's objective was to seize control of German-occupied cities and areas while the Germans were preparing their defenses against the advancing Soviet Red Army. Polish underground civil authorities hoped to take power before the Soviets arrived.
A goal of the Polish Government-in-Exile, in London, was to restore Poland's 1939 borders with the USSR, rejecting the Curzon-Line border. According to Jan. M. Ciechanowski, "The [exile] Polish Cabinet believed that by refusing to accept the Curzon Line they were defending their country's right to exist as a national entity. They were determined that Russo-Polish relations should be restored on the basis of the pre-1939 territorial arrangements."
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